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Once you find someone with whom you would want to share the rest of your life, the next step will be probably an engagement. Engagement is regarded as the symbol of the union between the partners. Note that along with your union, it is the coming together of your families as well. In fact, the engagement party is mainly organized to introduce your parents as well as the other family members to your in-laws. This way, they can bond well so that it will be easier for them to mingle on your wedding day.

Sometimes, the bride and the groom will arrange a dinner right after they get engaged so that their parents can meet with each other. Keeping in mind that you are going to be soon united for a lifetime, introducing your parents with each other may feel like a big deal. Hence, it is quite normal for you to get nervous or overwhelmed in such situations. In order to ease things up, below are some simple tips that you may consider in order to make your parents’ first meeting as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Make Their First Meeting a Fun Affair

There is a saying that the first impression is the best impression. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that things go really smooth on their first meeting. Here, you can opt to arrange a brunch meeting if they reside in the same city. Even better would be hosting a backyard barbeque party or a clambake; that will create a fun atmosphere and make their conversations more interactive. You can also consider events such as bowling or any other favorite sport event of your parents. This is a great way to break the ice and start a healthy conversation.

Introduce your Parents before the Engagement Party

In most cases, the couple opts to introduce their parents at the engagement party. Actually, this is not a good choice since it will not be convenient for them to interact well amidst the roar of your bash. Rather, it is better to arrange a private meeting for them prior to your engagement function. If they are living in different cities, it is your job to find a convenient time and fix their meeting. You can discuss assigning different engagement duties for them at that meeting so that they will constantly keep in touch. This is to ensure that they will be in very good terms on your engagement day.

Give Necessary Guidelines to your Parents as Well as your Partner

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There will be some issues, incidents, or secrets in most families that they prefer to keep it to themselves. Hiding things such as smoking habits, a recent death, family disputes, etc., are some of those examples. In fact, most people will not be comfortable in sharing such issues with others. Hence, it is better to discuss such things with your partner as well as your family so that they will not raise that topic. In case you feel that there could be some kind of disagreement among your parents, it is better to talk to the family who is less sensitive so that they will act accordingly.

Keep the Conversation Points in Mind

Keeping the conversation topics ready may sound silly, but this is one of the best ways to break the awkward silence. Make sure that both families are interested in the topics that you choose and they have almost the same opinions. You can include the current affairs, recent trips, or the community activities that you participated in. However, make sure that both the parties involved are equally interested and are entertained.

Decide on Things before you Go

There are chances for many awkward or embarrassing moments on your parents’ first meeting. For instance, there will be confusion regarding who will pay the check in the case you arrange the meeting at a restaurant. In order to tackle such issues, it is better to plan things beforehand and set some ground rules. When it comes to the above-stated situation, it is better to split the cash equally so that it will not hurt either family’s self-esteem. Otherwise, you can pay for the food in advance.

Embrace your Cultures

If the person you love belongs to a family of a different ethnicity and culture, there will be many differences in your lifestyles. It will be easier for you to adjust to it, but not for your parents. Hence, you must give them a clear idea regarding your partner’s lifestyle and culture so that they will not get embarrassed or confused during the meeting. You can seek help from your partner as well in this case, especially if there are certain protocols that you or your parents have to pay attention to before the meeting.