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Pinterest Wedding Trends

If you have ever searched for wedding trends on Pinterest, you would know very well how much this would inspire you. In fact, many do make use of these bridal engagement tips, even though some are a bit harder to execute. Below are some of the best Pinterest wedding trends that would look lovely in real life.

Bridesmaids in White

Wearing a white dress is something that is reserved only to the bride. However, the brides of today are really changing this tradition by letting the bridesmaids be dressed in white as well. The bridesmaids in white could really stir an extremely delicate modern vibe on your special day. Having your bridesmaids wear silhouette white dresses that are different from your wedding gown could also get you relieved from the worry of being easily noticeable as the bride. Celebrities like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton too made their wedding party dress in white.

Bridal Jackets Made from Leather

This is one of the bridal ideas, which could give you the status of a cool girl straight away. What you need to execute this is two simple things: a leather jacket and a gifted calligrapher for giving your jacket an edgy look. Furthermore, the best thing about this idea is that you could personalize the jacket just as you wish. Some of the best ways to personalize the attire includes writing your wedding date, your name, or some cool phrases like “Yours Forever” or “Love Knows No Boundaries”. If you want the jacket to look more casual, you could use a cotton jacket instead of the one made of leather. You could also keep the jacket as a sweet memento of your big day.

Beautiful Circular Backdrops

The trend of the square arbors has long been forgotten now; the new one that is trending at the moment is the circular backdrops. You could use a number of circular settings ranging from the massive floral wreaths to the minimalistic hoops made from wood. All these circular structures are well accepted and have become very popular in recent times. You could also reuse these large wedding installations, such as using it as your wedding backdrop to its changeover into a reception décor. The circular backdrops are so lovely that your guests would truly enjoy taking pictures alongside it after the wedding ceremony.