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If you are all lined up to get engaged, with timing the only thing you are certain about, that makes you a wise person. There are some times of year which are significantly better than other for doing this kind of thing, and you would probably see on checking that most of your friends and acquaintances waited for the following days to officially pop the question.

Christmas Day

What better time for an engagement proposal than the season of love itself? Christmas is the biggest day of the year for most people, and a time when they actually work hard at getting and keeping a festive, giving mood. Couples usually spend time with loved ones on either side, and this may be the best time to ask them the question that really matters to you.

Valentine’s Day

This is a close second to Christmas, and is more completely seen as a time for love. If your fiancée does not appreciate a proposal about then, it may mean she has no romantic bone in her body, and that is a red flag for many men.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner is a momentous affair, assuming you spend that time with family every year. Proposing to your loved one around this meal can make things more joyful for the both of you.

New Year’s Day

This is another holiday, which centers on joy and celebration. Any proposal at midnight or right after technically kicks off a New Year’s Day engagement. This is possibly the best way to start the year as well, all due respect to people having babies on the day.

New Year’s Eve

Lots of parties on New Year’s Eve means two very important thing: you have the option to use the pervasively festive mood for an engagement proposal, as well as pick one of these parties to do it at. People generally prefer having friends and family around when they try pulling off something like this and that makes tremendous sense, whichever way the proposal goes.

December 23rd

The day before Christmas Eve may not compare in all the same ways to Yuletide itself, which is why you should consider the surprise it could cause your significant other. She has plenty of time to decide how things go forward from there, including whether and how to announce her new status.