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There is no denying the fact that engagement rings are one of the most significant aspects of any marriage proposal. Most of the engagement rings contain an elegantly designed gemstone that is set on a delicate band. Men usually gift these rings to their better halves at the time of proposal. So, if you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, then you will need to find a stunning engagement ring that will make her say “Yes”.

However, several customers who are new to the world of engagement ring shopping have a misconception that wedding and engagement rings are the same. The reality is that engagement and wedding rings are very different pieces of jewelry even though both these terms have become quite interchangeable in modern everyday vocabulary. If you are wondering what the difference between an engagement and wedding ring really is, we have got you covered.

What are Engagement Rings

Engagement rings can be defined as rings that are given to women when they are proposed for marriage by the special man in their life. However, after the legalization of same-sex marriage, men have started to receive engagement rings from their loved ones too. Women who receive engagement rings from their boyfriends are expected to wear these rings if they say “Yes” to the marriage proposal.

The price, design, and other features of engagement rings may significantly vary from one another. However, the most commonly purchased type of engagement ring features a diamond at the center of the ring, which is set on a delicate band with or without side stones.

An engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left hand. The practice of wearing engagement rings on the third finger of their left hand is strictly followed by millions of women from all over the globe. Women who wear a diamond ring on the ring finger of their left hand make a strong statement that they are taken or are in a committed relationship. However, some men also wear engagement rings on the third finger of their right hand, as they prefer not to follow the engagement ring wearing traditions.

What are Wedding Rings

In simple words, the term wedding rings are usually used to describe rings that are exchanged by a couple during the wedding ceremony. Most of the wedding rings available out there are a lot simpler when compared to engagement rings. In addition to that, a wedding ring might not even have a prominent center stone or a diamond in some cases.

Wedding rings are also worn on the third finger of the left hand, which means that these rings are placed on the same finger as engagement rings. If the design of your wedding and engagement ring compliments one another, then you could wear both the rings on the same finger. Couples who are planning to wear both the rings on the third finger of their left hand should keep this point in mind when they are shopping for wedding and engagement rings.

In some cases, the design of your wedding and engagement ring might not complement one another. So, wearing both these rings on the same finger will make the rings look less appealing to viewers. If that is the case, then you should consider moving the engagement ring to the third finger of your right hand.

Should I Wear Both an Engagement and Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings
Wedding Ring Ideas

Engagement rings are usually a bit more extravagant and flashier when compared to wedding rings. As a result, most women prefer to wear their engagement ring on the third finger of their left hand. On the other hand, some married women wear wedding band aside their engagement ring on the very same finger. In some rare cases, brides choose to wear only a single ring to represent both the wedding and engagement ring.

If you are planning to wear both the rings on the same finger, then it is best to look for bridal sets, as you will be able to find wedding and engagement rings that perfectly matches with one another. It is significant to remember that there are no specific rules for wearing engagement and wedding rings. This means that you can wear these rings according to your personal preferences.

The Cost of Wedding and Engagement Rings

The cost of engagement and wedding rings can significantly vary based on their size, shape, and material used to make them. According to a recent survey conducted by expert wedding planners, the average amount spent by Americans on engagement rings is estimated to be around 6000 dollars.

The results obtained from another study revealed a shocking conclusion that the average amount spent by a major percent of American couples on wedding bands is around 4000 dollars. However, if you ready to make a few compromises, you will be able to find engagement and wedding rings at lower prices too.