Bridal Engagement Party
Engagement Party
Engagement Party Tips

An engagement party marks the official countdown to your wedding, and that means it ought to be flawless in all respects. Luckily, there are many brilliant ways to plan an engagement party, such as using a specially hired event management company or professional. While these options may not always seem practical, especially if you are on a budget, there is no rule that says you cannot reap its benefits in an economical way. One way to do that is by preparing an engagement party checklist.

If you organize everything according to this checklist, success is guaranteed. There is no need to get professional help to enjoy their function to the fullest. Just ensure to keep the checklist efficient and professional, and include timings for everything. Below are some other important things that you must include as well.

Ten Weeks before the Engagement Bash

On your engagement checklist, you must include all the important details, such as who is hosting the bash, the date of the event, and a complete guest list. Traditionally, either pair of parents would be in charge of hosting the engagement bash. That can vary though: the couple of honor, friends, or siblings, can choose to throw the party, so be sure which it is. The host is also responsible for deciding the guest list for the bash, which the couple of honor would finalize. Note that the engagement may well be the first time both families meet and mingle with each other. Note down everything you know in your engagement checklist, and this will help you set everything up the way it is supposed to be. Set up checklist reminders in case you might forget something.

Four to Two Weeks before the Engagement Party

On your engagement checklist, include entrees like “send invitations”, “decide on the menu”, “decorations and centerpieces”, “games”, “shopping”, “helpers”, etc. Do not forget the invitation card, because it marks the beginning of the whole thing as far as the guests are concerned. Choose something special. Similarly, when choosing the food, games, and decors, make sure they spruce up the overall ambiance of the party. If you need to, find the proverbial cave, sit down, and decide on all these things, and most importantly, do this well in advance.

In the final two weeks, you must shop necessary things, delegate responsibilities among friend and family, etc. Try and finish all the work at least 3 days prior to the party, so that you can too enjoy the function without undue stress.