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Most people surprise their significant other by popping up the question with an outstanding sparkler these days. So, you must be well aware of almost every aspect of a diamond ring as well as the priorities of your soul mate in order to impress her.

It is quite common for most guys to get overwhelmed with the vast collection of diamond engagement rings for women in a jewelry store. Below are certain things that you may consider in order to narrow down your search and to pick a perfect sparkler for her.

Your Affordable Budget Rate

There is a common misconception that customers will have to or spend a huge amount to purchase a diamond engagement ring. However, you can buy a sparkler at any price range as per your financial status. So, before starting the hunt for diamond engagement rings for your partner, select an affordable budget range. Make sure that you stick on to it, as most of the salesperson in the diamond stores might try to lure you with some of their magnificent collections. Note that you can always upgrade a diamond ring whenever you desire.

Choose a Diamond Ring Style

This can be somewhat challenging, particularly if you do not know the jewelry style of your better half. In order to tackle this, try to figure out the type of clothing that she is comfortable in and choose something that complements it. For instance, if she prefers modern dresses or silhouettes, it is better to go for edgy diamond ring styles. In case she is more comfortable in jeans, shirts, or skirts, go for some classic diamond ring designs. Additionally, make sure that the diamond ring style that you choose for your partner also reflects her personality as well as her style. This will make it easier for her to carry the sparkler irrespective of the attire and occasion.

The Type of Gemstone

This step is really crucial as gemstones are the most important and expensive part of a diamond engagement ring. In order to impress your would-be, you must figure out what type of gemstone she likes. According to a recent study, approximately 90% of people in the United States prefer diamond sapphire gemstones over other choices. So, it will be perfect to consider a diamond and sapphire engagement ring for her. Additionally, consider the type of diamond ring settings as well that play a great role in safeguarding the gemstones as well as boosting up the overall style of the ring.