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Everyone does wish to look the best on the big day of their life. So selecting the right makeup artist for that day is an important task. It is as important as selecting the venue or the dress. The makeup artist you choose will be responsible for your look on your wedding day. So make sure that you choose the best for you to appear stunning on your special day.

Years after your wedding, you should be able to remember the memories of the joyous moments and not for the spoilt makeup. So be careful when selecting your makeup artist. Following are some bridal engagement tips that might help you when choosing a makeup artist.

Decide the look you want

First of all, you should have an idea about how you want to look on your wedding day. Formulate a basic idea about the appearance you want so that it will be easier for the makeup artist to do your makeup. A makeup artist will be specialized in different looks. They can help you to choose a look which will suit you. But it will be better if you have a basic idea about your own makeup.

You can search for looks that are suitable for you. You may browse the internet and see the pictures of different brides to select a look which will be suitable for you. But make sure that it matches your skin tone and facial features. For example a makeup suitable for Caucasian brides might not look good on Asian brides, and a makeup that suits an oval shaped face may not suit a round face. So when you select a makeup select something which matches your skin tone and facial features.

Determine your budget

The rates charged by different makeup artist will be different. So before selecting a makeup artist select a budget that you are willing to spend. There is no point in approaching a makeup artist who is beyond your budget. If you are willing to be flexible with the money then you can do accordingly.

The charge of a makeup artist will increase based on different factors. It mainly depends on the services you need from them. For example the time period you need with them, the number of appointments you make with them, the number of makeup looks you want, the difficulty of the look and the additional accessories they use for the makeup etc.

The rate will also depend on the experience and popularity of the artists. If the makeup artists you select have good experience and great skill and popularity then the charges will increase accordingly.

Ask around and get referrals

You can use different methods like internet, bridal magazines etc to gather knowledge about different makeup artists. You can also ask your friends and relatives for their opinions. You may consult other people who got married recently to get advice on makeup and makeup artists. There are also many bridal forums which will help you to discuss with other people to gather knowledge about makeup artists.

Look at the portfolio

Select a few makeup artists and look at their portfolio if they have a website. The artist will at least have a social media account showcasing his/her work. This will help you to see their previous works. If the works are satisfactory for you then you can choose them or otherwise eliminate them from the list.

When going through the portfolio you can also check whether the artists have done any previous works similar to the look you want. You should also notice the makeup artist’s attention to detail and whether the makeup applied by the artist matches the skin tone and facial features of the person etc.

You can also see the reviews and rating given by the makeup artist’s previous clients. This will help you to get an overall idea about a makeup artist and the quality of his/her work.

Request for a trial session

After you select a makeup artist the next important step you have to consider is booking a trial session. Through this trial session you can narrate your ideas to the artist and even if you do not have any ideas the artist can help you to select one which suits your skin complexion and facial features.

The trial session helps you to make sure that the makeup artist you selected can help you to get the look you want on your special day. You can try the look you want prior to the wedding day by booking a trial session. You can make any changes you need in your makeup and finalize on a look that you want on your big day.

Choosing a makeup artist is an important task as your look on your wedding day will depend on this. To make sure that you look the best on your wedding day, select the best make artist who fits your needs.