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Are you planning to propose marriage to your girlfriend? Do you have any engagement ideas in mind? If the answers to the first two questions are a YES, then an icy mountain is where you would want to do it. If you are inexperienced with trekking or hiking, you definitely have to read these tips.

Avoid Leaving the Mountain Trail

If you are about to ask your life’s most important question to the one you like most, you will wish to do it in a private place. Whatever you do, avoid wandering off the trail in search of an area that is secluded. The trail exists on a mountain for a reason, and that is to keep hikers like you safe. With all the nervous excitement which comes with a marriage proposal, it is easy to forget which way you should be heading.

Go Early in the Day

If the route you have chosen is a very popular one for trekking and you wish to keep away from potential crowds, do not choose to go there late in the day. There will be fewer people around as the evening draws in, but there will also be limited light. While watching the sunset as a just engaged couple is very romantic, finding the way down the edge of a mountain is not a fun exercise in darkness, and it is very dangerous except if you are an experienced mountaineer.

Stay Alert While Taking Selfies

Try the adventurous stuff, but try not to go overboard with it. After all, a mountain trek comes with its own set of risks. Take stock of the surroundings, stay away from your mountain’s edge, or better yet, ask passersby to take snaps for you whenever you need these. Taking your photos at a designated observation point is better than scrambling over rocky outcrops, just to take the perfect shot.

Bring Celebration Supplies alongside Your Hiking Gears

Nobody is that stupid to take their girlfriend to a mountain location, while not feeling certain of success. She will say Yes to your proposal, and you need some things to celebrate the moment. A bottle of champagne, a blanket, and some chocolates will make it special and intimate as you take in the scenic views on the top.

Do Not Expect Phone Signals

Mountains tend to be situated in remote places, so do not go in expecting phone signal there. Coverage, if at all available, will likely be very patchy, and you might just need to go to the nearest place where it is available to call your friends and family.