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Engagement Party
Engagement Party Tips

An engagement party can be held anywhere between the proposal day and the wedding day. However, holding the party on a weekend is the best opportunity to make an intimate family gathering. Remember, an engagement party is a big event, and making it memorably perfect is all in your hands. Given below are some tips you can follow to celebrate your big day perfectly.

Determine the Budget

Setting budgets are not just meant for wedding events, engagement party needs it too. Even if it is a low-key event, set a budget so that you can determine how grand the event location is and choose the number of guests accordingly.

Pick the Spot

You need to choose a location to hold the party depending upon whether the party will be formal or casual. A hotel rooftop or a country club will be better for a formal party, while a local park, beach, or backyard would be suitable for a casual party.

Set the Guest List

This point definitely is an important aspect to consider for your engagement as well as wedding party equally. Whether it is a small party or a grand one, you both need to decide whom you want to invite. Make sure to invite all the important persons.

Send Invites

Send your guest invites by means of either e-cards or printed invitation cards. Design your cards according to the type of the occasion. Remember to inform your close relatives and friends by word of mouth before sending formal invites.

Decide the Menu

A party is never complete without food and drinks. So you need to plan what you will need to include in the menu. If you are not going to serve a full meal, select a time between meals and print on your invitation cards accordingly to let the guests know about it.

Plan the D├ęcor

Decorate the party venue colorfully according to the theme you both like. Make use of votive candles, balloons, flowers, etc., to decorate the party area. Furthermore, a unique idea will be to do some easy crafts.

Notify about Gifts

You might receive gifts not only for the wedding, but also for the engagement. Hence, make it clear in your invitation if you do not prefer gifts or suggest a charity in lieu for the gifts so that the guests can donate accordingly.

Prepare the Outfits

Keeping in mind the party venue and settings, shop for your special outfit. Select your outfit such that it matches well with your type of party, and makes you stand out from the crowd. For an outdoor party, a sundress will be cool and a cocktail dress will be fancier.