Bridal Engagement Party
Bridal Engagement Party
Bridal Engagement Party

A bridal shower is a wonderful way to commemorate the wedding of a bride-to-be. It’s not only one of the 1st pre-wedding parties where family and friends from both sides meet, but it’s also full of fun decorations, foods, gifts, and games and it’s the ideal excuse to dress up.

A bridal shower or bridal engagement party is typically an all-female gathering for the bride, her bridesmaids, and close relatives, such as aunts, cousins, and grandmothers. A bridal shower schedule typically includes a mixture of eating, playing games, and an opportunity for guests to mingle.

Here are some tips that will help you to host a perfect bridal shower and engagement party.

Set A Budget

The first part of planning a bridal shower is determining the budget. You should do that even before selecting a menu or a theme. The shower is conventionally paid for by the host, and while your instant reaction may be to spend a lot and spoil the bride, we recommend setting a budget that you can stick to without breaking the bank.

Create A Guest List

You should ask the bride for a list of guests that should be invited to the party. If possible, ask for their email as well as the home addresses of each of the guests. The party should not be crowded, so inviting 30-50 guests is enough. Remember that anyone who attends the bridal shower also should attend the wedding. As a result, check with the bride before actually adding anyone to the guest list.

Set A Date

Start planning the bridal engagement party at least 6 months and no less than 4 months before the wedding day. The party should be held about 2 months before the big day; check with the bride before deciding on a date to make sure that it fits her schedule and that her family members can attend.

Choose A Venue

After you’ve set the date and estimated the number of guests, you’ll need to decide where the party will be held. If you have sufficient space, the most classical option is to host the bridal engagement party at your home. If not, a friend close to the bride’s home might be a good option. A bridal shower can also be held at a restaurant, a banquet room, or any other location that relates to the bride’s preferences, like an art gallery or a spa.