Bridal Engagement Party
Engagement Party
Engagement Party Tips

So he finally asked you to marry him, and you said yes. It now feels like a dream most of the time, but when you do come off the emotional high, the momentousness of it all hits like a breaking wave. You are engaged!

The time up to the wedding is almost guaranteed to be chaotic, but you will love every second of it. Part of you will likely remain in a daze for that duration, but there are things that need doing, and you should be the one to make sure they are done right. Following are the most important matters to take care of, right after you fully know you are headed for marriage.

Call your Folks

The worst mistake you can make is let your parents find on through social media. No matter the hour of day or night, ring them up and break the news as soon as you can. After that, personally call any siblings, BFFs and close cousins and tell them the engagement news.

Post a Ring Selfie

Pictures work really well these days at conveying big messages, especially on social media. Take a well-lit ring selfie, a picture with your fiancé where you show off the ring, or both. Share this, as well as footage of the original proposal if you are ok with that. Last but not least, change your relationship status to “engaged”.

Get Drinks

If this is not an occasion worth toasting, nothing is. Grab your best friends and family for some proper revelry at your favorite bar, where you can get hammered without getting in trouble. Alternatively, do something more personal with your guy and go on a special date.

Get the Ring Insured

On the practical side of things, you need to start watching your financial security. Set aside the romance and excitement for a while, and think about getting insurance for your ring. This could be done for a lot cheaper if you added it to your homeowner’s policy as an extension, so research that before you make a move.

Throw an Engagement Party

You can go lots of ways with this one. Decide if you are better off planning the bash yourself, or letting friends and family do it for you. Do you want it kept low-key and affordable, or go all out with a catered dinner and other bells and whistles? Whatever you choose, be prudent about whom you invite.