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Classic engagement parties will be quite boring for couples who wish to have something different for their special day. Of course, engagement day is a day to remember, and if it is fun and exciting, no one will forget the event. This is why you may need some unique party ideas to celebrate your engagement party; given below are some ideas you can try.

A Hawaiian Party

A Luau is a great idea to celebrate your engagement party. Just listening to the name ‘Hawaii’ feels very much exciting. For holding the party this style, you can wear Hawaiian dress, do tropical style décor, and serve Hawaiian dishes like pineapple cake, kabobs, and eggrolls to your guests.

A Barbeque Party

The all-time favorite party idea is to have a barbeque, be it a casual event or an engagement party. As long as people love food, especially barbeque, it would be the best theme to try. You can serve your guests chips, potato salad, bottled beer, pizza, etc., to add to the fun.

An Outdoor Movie Night

For holding an outdoor movie night, all you need to do is to lease a projector and a screen. You can even play video clips of your cherished moments as a couple before the movie. Make sure to treat your guests with delicious food and beverages.

Paris Perfect Party

You do not need to go all the way to Paris for holding a Paris perfect party. Instead, get ideas inspired from the City of Lights. Play a vintage song, serve your guests some French delicacies like macaroons, baguette, crêpes, etc., and top the fun with some champagne.

Dessert Party

A dessert party will just be the ultimate pick for all the sweet lovers. To give uniqueness to your dessert party, you can try including sweets famous in various parts of the world like Dutch Oliebollen, Indian Rasmalai, Egyptian Basbausa, Mexican Tres Leches cake, etc.

A Sporting Event Party

You can consider renting a suite at a sporting event as it is affordable and even comes in a package that includes food and beverages. The ongoing games will keep your guests entertained for sure; planning the engagement party on a weekend will be a good choice for more involvement.

Cheese and Wine Party

Cheese is definitely the highlight of any house party. Keep varieties of cheese and complementary wines on tables decorated with elegant linens or strewn flowers. If you choose champagne as the beverage, appetizers like asparagus with lemon butter and prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe would go well.