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An engagement party is an occasion to shine – not just for the couples, but for the guests too. It is obvious that you might be thinking what to wear when going to an engagement party. As the party can either be set in a formal way or organized in a casual style, you need to choose your outfit accordingly. If there is a theme to match, it is all good to go with the party planners. However, it can be a bit confusing when there is no such thing, and you have to choose the attire all by yourself. Worry not; below are some awesome dress styles to make things easy for you.

All White Outfits

Not just the bride, but the guests too can wear an all-white dress. White is a classy and elegant style after all. You can pick a simple white dress and use minimal accessories with it. Make sure not to overdo your dress in any way, let the center of attraction be the bride, not you.

Printed Outfits

Prints in a dress are a great way to tune up your style. Printed dresses are sure to make you stand out, at least a bit from the crowd. This is the best pick if the party is during the summer. You can choose a cotton print dress for a daytime party, while a printed silk dress for an after-5 party.

Block Outfits

Block outfits are as impactful as the printed style. Go for bold and bright striking colors like magenta, fuchsia, tangerine, or cobalt for a sleek look. If you are selecting a block outfit, make sure to keep it understated and simple. Avoid wearing heavy accessories and silhouettes. In addition, make your hairdo simple too.

Outdoor Outfits

Outdoor parties are often held in backyards, gardens, or beach. Therefore, you need to choose your outfit according to the location. For outdoor parties, you can consider wearing casuals instead of formals. A simple sundress or maxi dress will be a perfect pick rather than a cocktail attire.

Non-Traditional Outfits

Maybe you might not like wearing these dress styles for the party. Hence, you can be the comfortable you, and consider wearing a jumpsuit, pants and top, or a peplum – anything that defines your style. Wearing a non-traditional attire will definitely invite enough attraction to you.