Bridal Engagement Tips
Engagement Announcing Ideas

Announcing the engagement news on social media is a trend, especially among celebrities. It is easier for celebs that way – just a picture of an engagement ring and a tag to their fiancé or fiancée would do. However, what about those who do not have that much following on social media or those who are not even on it? For these commoners, announcing the engagement at another party or through a newspaper advertisement is the way to go. Rockher shares some bridal engagement tips and announcement suggestions.

Go For a Paper Ad

Firstly, decide which newspaper you want to choose for your engagement advertisement. Contacting each popular daily, national or local, will help you narrow down on one or two worthy options. Call that newspaper and ask whether it has fees, deadlines, regulations and so forth concerning such an announcement. Find out whether it accepts photos, and ask whether these should be monochrome or color.

If that newspaper does not necessitate that you follow stringent guidelines, just be sure to put your engagement disclosure in the right words following etiquette. Usually, the announcement includes details about the couple, including the names of their parents, and their education credentials and career information. In the case parents live somewhere else, then be sure to also include that place details in the announcement. Rather than including the precise day of your wedding, just mention the season or period in which you plan to tie the knot. The last thing you want to include in the national newspaper advertisement is your wedding date, inviting perpetrators into your house when you would not be there.

Announce It at Another Social Event

The problem with the newspaper advertisement is that not everyone will read it, and not all will know your plans. Besides, if your loved ones and affiliates reside in your small town, you would not want to spend money on that paper advertisement. So a better option would be to announce your engagement at a different social event, preferably one where your loved ones come.

The benefit of announcing your engagement this way is that many people you know, including your loved ones, will be there. They are likelier to remember your engagement if you announce it at an event they also care about. We suggest not doing it at events where the guests of honor, like say a birthday person or another couple, might feel rather upstaged by your act.