Mixers are important when creating vodka cocktails. Shared below is a list of five best vodka mixers. Every single one of these mixers has its own flavor, and it makes for a good vodka mixer. You may try mixing one of these ingredients with vodka for a two-substance cocktail or take it a notch up using some of our added recommendations.

Grapefruit Juice

To add some sweetness to vodka without making it too sugary, use this juice made from newly squeezed grapefruit. Vodka can make the greyhound cocktail more refreshing. Try it in a pool party or backyard barbecue in the summertime, or just have it whenever you want a simple and tangy cocktail.


Some form of lemonade-vodka mix is best to have when you lounge near the pool. You may make lemonade at home or buy a readymade lemonade product. To create the alcoholic drink, just muddle new herbs or fruit such as cranberry with vodka. Or, consider the Oaxacan lemonade that uses cilantro and mescal to provide your lemonade-vodka concoction an extra grassy, smoky kick.

Ginger Beer

The Moscow Mule comprises vodka, sweet-spicy ginger beer and lime juice. It is these ingredients that make it a popular cocktail. Purchase an excellent ginger beer for the cocktail to confirm that it is not sickly sweet. In the event you get this classic recipe right, be open to experimenting with other components. We like the so-called ‘20th Century Mule’, a cocktail that has crème de cacao and dry vermouth as the added ingredients, and that uses lemon juice in place of lime juice.

Tonic Water

In the event you like vodka soda’s clean flavor yet are seeking something slightly more interesting, go for tonic water. Not every person will like its strong quinine flavor, but bittersweet beverage aficionados will like the way it brings depth to natural vodka. Do not forget to choose a topnotch vodka tonic that comes in an excellent bottle.

Pineapple Juice

Use the juice made from pineapples to have a fruity touch to your vodka. Mix both with Chambord liqueur to make a French martini that is perfectly chuggable or you may just mix the vodka of your choice with some pineapple juice. No matter which way you will have it, try using the freshest pineapple juice without any added sugar.