The sobering news of the COVID-19 and coronavirus has shrouded us and left us in a state of uncertainty. Parents are especially worried about their toddler and new borne. With no vaccine in sight it is up to you as a parent to prevent your kids from catching the COVID-19. One silver lining is that the coronavirus seems to be much easier on children and babies. Those over 55 years are at maximum risk, followed by the age groups from 40-55 years, and the age groups from 15-35 being at a much lower risk to not make it out alive, after catching the virus.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Kids have a higher chance of exposing themselves to the virus strain. They may not maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance from somebody who is coughing or sneezing, which expels airborne droplets carrying the virus. They may touch their faces or pick their noses or rub their eyes! All these are no-no’s! The COVID-19 coronavirus enter the body either through the nose, mouth or the eyes. If your kids touch an infected surface, and not keep their hands away from their face, the chances for spreading are high.

Educate your children/toddlers on keeping away from sick people. Yes, this includes family members as well! Further, keep your kids away from crowded spaces.

Teach Your Kids Proper Hand-Washing Etiquette

Teach children to wash your hands with soap and water for atleast 20 seconds. Show them how to properly do it, and ask them to replicate. Wash between the fingers and under the nails, upto the wrists. You should educate your children to wash their hands after sneezing or coughing. Show them how to properly cover their faces with a handkerchief when coughing and sneezing. If soap and water is scare, then teach them to use a hand sanitizer

Wear Masks

For precautionary purposes make your children wear a face mask for corona virus. A good quality face mask is more comfortable to wear and makes a big difference, and you can find them at store or various online stores.

What To Do If Your Child Starts Showing Symptoms?

Immediately take him/her to a hospital. Make him/her wear a face mask so that others in the family also don’t catch it. Test them and isolate them. COVID-19 is a weak respiratory virus that causes flu like symptoms such as high fever, runny nose, stiff muscles and in most cases is not life threatening. Aid your child in making a quick recovery, and they will be running about in around 2 weeks time!