A lot of people believe that adding certain symbols and designs to their jewelry can bring them luck. Even though this belief has no scientific base, it has become a tradition among many people. There is a wide range of symbols used in jewelry that is said to bring luck. Some of these symbols are listed below:

Four Leaf Clover

This is a wonderful symbol that can be a great option to add to your necklaces and bracelets. This Celtic charm is claimed to have various capabilities including offering eternal happiness, the ability to see fairies, etc. However, this design is very rare and it might be difficult for you to find it in jewelry shops. But you may choose to create custom-made jewelry that contains this stunning design.

11 11 Design

This is another lucky symbol that can offer you protection. It is believed that angels communicate with us with the help of synchronicity and certain number patterns like 11 11. This 1111 angel number is thought to offer guidance from angels and it can also give you protection from negative powers. People wear jewelry with this design as a reminder to be good to others and kind to themselves. It can also be beneficial for maintaining a positive relationship between the earth and spiritual realms.


The tradition of adding horseshoe symbols to jewelry began in the 10th century and it is still considered a symbol of good luck. It is thought to bring good fortune along with keeping away bad luck.

Many people believed that hanging a horseshoe symbol over the door can help to get protection and bring good luck. Some people argue that the horseshoe should point upwards, as this orientation is believed to capture good luck, while some other people claim that horseshoe should point down to attract good luck. So you can choose an orientation based on your likes and beliefs.


This is a popular design in jewelry. You can find a vast range of necklaces and bracelets in jewelry stores that come with this design. This is a perfect option for kids. You can also gift a necklace with this charm symbol on it to show your gratitude towards someone.


Keys are viewed as a symbol of liberation and fortune across the world. Keys are often related to opening the door to freedom, and in romantic instances, they can be seen as a key to a person’s heart. People sometimes wear three keys together to signify unlocking the doors to love, health, and wealth.

All these symbols are believed to bring luck, so you can choose one among them based on your preferences.