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Diamond Engagement Rings

The season of engagements is not over yet. Valentine’s Day is still around the corner, and it is the year’s most popular day to pop the question. If you are planning to do so soon and dropping hits for your lover to find, it is perhaps time to look at options beyond the usual ring. If a ring with sapphire is good for a royal family member such as Kate Middleton, then it might be good for your lover. You can visit RockHer to explore rings with some of the diamond alternatives mentioned below.


Emerald is among the precious gemstones, and it is the birthstone of May. John F Kennedy proposed marriage to Jackie by giving her an emerald gemstone-set ring. Emerald is softer compared to ruby, diamond and other gemstones, so be sure to choose the right setting that best protects it.


Princess of Wales, Diana selected a ring with sapphire from a collection of jewelry available to commoners, but it is among the most popular engagement rings. Sapphire is thought to signify faithfulness and promote tranquility, so it is a nice option for a jewelry piece signifying that you will forever accept someone. Sapphire is usually blue, but it can also come in white, yellow, pink and green colors.It is good for people who are likely to slam their finger in drawers.


Ruby can be as pricey as a diamond. Dutchess of York, Sarah Ferguson got a ruby ring from her fiancé Prince Andrew. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg proposed with an engagement ring featuring a ruby, flanked by diamonds on both sides. Ruby is said to signify love and passion with its red color.

It is quite tough and thus, an apt choice for a person with an active lifestyle, like for instance, one who does a lot of gardening.


This is a gem that came from meteorites. It looks a lot like a diamond to the naked eye. In fact, this resemblance is what caused Henry Mason, its founder, to mistake it for a diamond. It bears the name of Mason.

Natural moissanite is very rare, so many of what you will find nowadays is lab-made. However, its hardness almost equates to a diamond, plus it is possible to cut it in such a way to trick people. It is sparklier and cheaper than a diamond.