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Guests are a very important part of all weddings, as they will be the ones who stand by you on your special day. Therefore, it is important to make them happy. Arranging good facilities for your guests is as important as selecting bridal engagement rings or wedding dresses.

Along with serving endless food and drinks, you can impress your guests with some other simple yet effective ideas. In this article, we list certain ideas that will keep your guests happy all night long at your bridal engagement party.

A Late-Night Snack

Most people think that the food they ordered to serve at the time of reception will be enough for the guests. But the fact is that most of the guests will dance it all off, and they might feel hungry towards the end of the party. Therefore, it is better to serve some late night snacks to make sure that none of your guests leave on an empty stomach. You can serve anything from a bowl of popcorn or chips to French-fry or milkshake.

An Open Bar

Your guests will love it if you keep an open bar throughout the party, where they can get their favorite drinks without having to pay for each and every drink they guzzle down. If you want to save money with an open bar, then you can check out for some packages that involve wine and beer only, or can bring your own drink if the venue allows it. This will help you to impress your guests without spending much money.

Plenty of Snacks

Serve plenty of snacks throughout your bridal engagement party. Since some people may not feel like having a heavy meal they will certainly appreciate it if you serve enough snacks to cure their appetite.

Air Conditioning

Make sure to have proper air conditioning during the time of your party. You don’t want your guests fainting because of the excess heat. Whether you are conducting an indoor or outdoor party, be sure to have air or fans blowing, so that your guests can enjoy dancing in a cool and comfortable atmosphere without their sweat glands going crazy.

A Ride Home

You can make sure that your guests arrived home safely by offering them a ride after the party. This will be definitely helpful for your guests to reach their home late night. You can either arrange a bus or any other private transportation facility which will drop them at their home, or you can offer to pay their taxi or Uber charges.