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The bridal jewelry market gain sales momentum in the holiday season. After all, this is when most get engaged, and the proposal is what starts it all for couples. If you also plan to pop the question as many other Americans will, then you will wish to choose a more personal proposal idea. Here are some guidelines on how to be ready and pop the question in the season.

Choose the Engagement Ring Beforehand

A traditional girl expects a proposal to be her man going down on one knee and extending his hands holding an engagement ring. It has been followed for numerous years, so you would not want to be the one who bucks the tradition. So choose a diamond or other gemstone ring well in advance of your proposal date. We would recommend doing it at least 14 days before it.

Think Of a Personalized Marriage Proposal

Your lover and her BFF may have common memories and have similarities, but they would not want their proposal tale to be the same. If you are not sure how to propose with a personal touch, consider her favorite film, how you both met, and what you love to do together.

A dinner without any personal touch is a cliché idea, especially when even the restaurant has nothing to do with the two of you. When you have not first met there or do not often have food there, why bother visiting that restaurant for just another dinner?

Choosing the place you met for the first time to propose is a nice touch, but why not amp up the mood with a more personal proposal? Think of something like this.

A girl’s favorite hobby was forming sandcastles, and she always wished to snowshoe. A man took her to the enchanting Lake Tahoe for a ski vacation. There, he took that girl snowshoeing between pine trees, with photographs and ornaments hanging on these, which led to the snow replica of the castle they made together with sand. Now, this is the way to propose marriage in the season of holidays.

Make Plans for Your Proposal

A holiday proposal is a perfect excuse to involve friends and family members, if that is what your girl would want. When you produce your thoughtful idea, start to involve vendors in the process and purchase essential supplies for the proposal. For instance, shooting your engagement will enable reliving the moment some fifty years later, and hiring a professional proposal planner will reduce your stress.