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When brides-to-be are selecting any wedding dress, they naturally look for something they love and that fit their body types. However, the season in which you are getting married will also influence your choice. For instance, it is perfectly common to wear a short dress for summer weddings. However, winter weddings will be an altogether different affair. You have plenty of wedding dress options, but you will have to choose wisely according to the persisting weather also. This applies to a winter bridal shower dress as well.

Length and Trains

While you might not realize this, there are actually some things, which you have to consider with regard to your winter wedding dress’s length. You can choose a short wedding dress if you want, but you will have to wear the appropriate accessories such as boots and thick tights for warmth. Otherwise, a dress with hems brushing the ground will be your choice for comfort.

You also have to make up your mind on the length of your wedding dress train; remember, anything that is way too long risks being dragged through the wet and snowy ground. You can have it at any length you want, but you will have to make preparation for one that will always be trailing (such as bundling or having your assistant hold the train as you walk around).


Every bride wishes to stay warm in their winter wedding, but they also do not wish to sweat the special night away. Having fabrics such as crepe, velvet, thick satin, and even some forms of heavier lace exude the cold season spirit. Still, you expose yourself to being too warm for comfort when you are indoors for almost the entire evening. If you select heavier fabrics, ensure that your outfit still has an open back or some other breathable aspect to it or that you do not wear too many undergarments that would contribute to sweating.

Alternatively, several brides choose a dress having fabrics, reminiscent of the fluffy and light nature of snow, like tulle or organza. If this is presently your style, then having a winter wedding dress with one of these forms of fabrics will ensure a fine balance when it comes to comfort. In other words, it will not be way too warm or cold for your comfort.

You can also accessorize it with gloves or a coat if you are concerned about being way too cold in a lighter fabric. This way, you will fit into the winter season wedding.

Fashion and Style

Wedding dresses follow popular fashions, and certain trends are more typical in the US holiday season. It is usual to see wedding dress having full-length sleeves during winter, but you will also come across caps as well as three-quarter length in the market.

What happens when we get cold is that our body shivers and we also get goose bumps. With long-sleeves, you can also avoid getting goose bumps. Ensure that the fabric on the sleeves also allows the skin to breathe; otherwise, you will run into the issue of becoming way too sweaty.

Several brides also opt for a dress with high collars, which is an option you cannot always consider in a spring and summer wedding. Collars make your dress more elegant-looking and give that class which makes it particularly appropriate for a formal winter wedding.

When it comes to the shape and style of a wedding dress, just about anything will work – make it a point to choose the one that best complements you and your winter wedding. For instance, a mermaid dress fit complements a chic setting, while an A-line outfit would work for a grand wedding.


Opt for a wedding dress with bold colors if you wish to stand out from all the sea of whites on the day. Some winter wedding outfits can have bluish hues or overlays, which complement a wedding with this color. Other wedding dresses include a solid-color bow, trim, sash, or corset strings. A dark color is not an uncommon sight either on winter weddings.

A red or dark green dress with gold, silver, or white accents can also be stunning – just ensure that you do not end up looking like a trite version of a beloved Christmas character from mythology.

Be careful when you are thinking of selecting an outfit with a color other than a traditional choice though. Not all your friends or soon-to-be-relatives are going to cheer for you when you steer away from traditions. For instance, a senior in-law might not appreciate the fact that you are wearing something other than a traditional dress on the big day. Yet it is not mandatory to wear traditional ivory, crème, and white-colored dresses only; modern brides also opt for different colors.