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Once you inform the people close to you that you are getting engaged, it is time to share the happy news with people on your social networking handle. Of course, you do not want the close ones in your life to know that news through social media.

Social networking platforms have become a global phenomena nowadays. There is a larger audience out there, so your bestie knowing about your engagement on the same platform as an affiliate gets to know is perhaps not the right way to go about it. Still, the personal aspect of social media comes in handy when you want to share your engagement news on it. It is one of the main milestones in life, so you have to be strategic when it comes to informing the news to people on social media.

Share a Proposal Picture

Getting down on one knee and popping the question is the traditional and most romantic proposal idea that one could perhaps think of. So why not post a photo of the same. When posting the proposal photo on your social networking account, you can even share a few lines about why he is so special to you. If you have a scenic background, then all the more photography quirks to show off.

Share the Photo of your Diamond Engagement Ring

Traditionally, the fourth finger of the left-hand is the one for it. If someone wears a ring on the “vein of love” finger, then most people take it for engagement. It is called that because as per traditional beliefs this vein runs from the left hand’s fourth finger, the one between the pinkie and the middle finger, to the heart. This is a simpler way to share the news of the big moment in your life and also show off the best new friend you just got.

Share a Casual Photo with a Twist

This can be an image of you two together, or just a stock picture of something related to engagement ring or so. Just add a few lines to give the photo a personal touch and spread the news in a casual way. Of course, there is bound to be a plenty of “Congratulations” and “Be Happy Together” messages coming in within a few minutes of posting your story. So once you have shared the news online, do not forget to thank your well wishers too – best way to do it is to simply post a common “Thank You” note on your account the next day.