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White wedding dresses will remain forever as the most classic wedding dress option. However, wedding dresses with colors could add an extra element to the special moment and transform your entire look to something spectacular. Colorful wedding dresses come in a variety of shades like light blue, blush, gold, and many more, and are proof that you want to change the traditional bridal look. So if you are a person who would like to steer away from the traditional looks by not wearing a white dress, then below are a few options at your disposal.

Bumblebee Yellow

All the Boho-chic brides will definitely love this beautiful wedding dress having a bumblebee-yellow color. This beautiful honeycomb color can also be paired along with pretty and mini bumblebee embroidery works. The beautiful skirt that carelessly floats on the ground makes this magnificent dress statement worthy.

Mauve Purple

The beautiful spaghetti-strapped gown with light netting is a very good option for all trendy brides out there. This gown has a dark shade of mauve-purple ombre on its top, which lightens as it comes down to the waist and becomes pure white as it reaches the bottom.

Burnt Orange

If you do not think you could wear an orange wedding dress for your special occasion, then a perfect alternative for this is the submissive burnt orange dress that offers a lot of splendor. This rich and pretty color of the wedding dress will leave all your wedding guests wonderstruck.

Black and White

This wedding dress is most apt for all the brides who really want to upgrade their traditional look. This amazing black dress is filled with white designs, which add a classic touch to the dress.

Olive Green

The olive green wedding dress is perfect for all the brides in love with nature-inspired fashion. In addition, the dripping chiffon fabric of this dress adds to its beauty making it look more attractive.

Sapphire Blue

If you are having a problem in choosing between two colors then this dress is for you. This gorgeous gown has two colors, emerald green and sapphire blue in it. The top of this gown until the waist has garden inspired floral appliqué while the skirt is watercolor-inspired having tints of sapphire blue and emerald green.


This soft pastel pink gown would be a fabulous choice for those who would like to wear a light and delicate wedding dress. This chick pink gown would be a great option for all modern brides.