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Weird Engagement Superstitions

People hold to various customs and superstitions when it comes to weddings. While some of these are weird and curious in equal measure, others have a nasty side to them. Check out the following list of superstitions about engagements and see whether you relate to any of them.

  • If a lady who is engaged drops a knife by mistake, then it is a sign that her husband-to-be is on his way to visit her.
  • If a bride-to-be allows somebody else to try on her engagement ring, then her wedding will not happen, because the one who wore it will steal all the luck and happiness from the bride, in addition to her husband’s heart.
  • If your spouse-to-be popped the question in public, then your marriage will rack up unwanted notoriety.
  • When a man comes across a snake when on the way to propose marriage to his lover, very bad luck will ensue. Therefore, he has to turn back and give it a try on a different day.
  • When one wears an emerald engagement ring, it is a bad omen, and means she would remain single her whole life. This superstition is backed up by the example of Jackie Kennedy and her diamond and emerald ring.
  • As if Friday the 13th was not bad enough, apparently it is also a bad omen for some reason to buy an engagement ring on any Friday.
  • Gems with culets are also thought to be a bad omen because apparently, evil spirits can get into the gem through its culet, which portends trouble for its wearer.
  • Traditionally, bridal engagement rings with a three-stone setting represent the past, the present, and the future of a couple’s relationship. So if one out of the three gemstones were lost, then it does not bode well for the wearer or their partner.
  • In the 17th century, some men thought if they put a diamond below their pillow before bed, then it would warn them in the event their lady turned unfaithful.
  • Some still feel an engagement ring should not be completely removed from the hand. Rather than taking it off the engagement ring finger, one should touch a different finger on the other hand to the piece and slide it onto that finger.

None of these superstitions has been scientifically proven, hence the fact that they are still labeled as superstitions. That means even if you have been hypothetically cursed with a bad omen from the above list, you are perhaps safe.