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Deciding to tie the knot is one of the most important and exciting decisions that a person takes in his lifetime. Hence, it must be celebrated. In fact, what would be a better option to announce the union of two beautiful souls than an engagement party?

This is an important milestone in your relationship. Apart from the union of two people, a wedding is about the union of two families, cultures, and lifestyles as well. So, the idea of a pre-wedding party will be perfect so that the friends and families of both the bride and the groom can meet each other and mingle prior to the big day. Of course, this will make it easier for the guests to recognize each other on the wedding day and they will be able to make the auspicious day more special and exciting.

Traditionally, the parents of the bride hosted the engagement party. However, things have changed now and anyone, such as the siblings, friends, relatives, etc., of the couple of honor, can host a pre-wedding party. In fact, the couple themselves can host an engagement party too, if they prefer.

On contrary to the wedding ceremonies, pre-wedding bashes are meant to be entertaining, relaxed, and exciting. Usually, there will be some games or any other activities in an engagement party so that all your guests could cherish the moment for the rest of their life. What’s more, there are no special rules for throwing an engagement bash either; making it special and unique is totally up to the creativity and convenience of the host.

The Party Planning

If you prefer to throw a low-profile private party, you may invite one or two of your close friends, parents, and siblings over to your home and share the good news. In case others are throwing a bash for you, make sure to sit down and talk with them regarding the venue, events, guests, and all. For a budget-friendly and simple engagement party, you may consider venues like bars, restaurants, the beach, or the place that you proposed to each other, etc.

The main thing that most couples forget is that they have a huge bash on the way, and hence, it is not necessary to make your engagement party a rich affair. It is just to share the news with your closed ones and to enjoy the occasion. In fact, none of your guests will be expecting a formal party or a sit-down dinner. Just throw a casual barbeque dinner or an afternoon tea and cake party, instead.

Note that it is better to be tactful while inviting the guests. If you have older relatives, try to invite them earlier, young people can join the pre-wedding party later, so that you may enjoy it to the fullest.