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Engagement rings are one of the most special pieces of jewelry in your life that you will cherish forever. Hence, it should be unique and beautiful. People are looking for different ways to make their rings stunning and special. They add different gemstones to their rings for adding more meaning and elegance to them. There are a variety of gemstones available for you to add in your rings, so that it can make you overwhelming. Therefore, we list some of the best gemstones that will make a wonderful choice for your bridal engagement rings.


Ruby is truly a timeless choice for your engagement ring, as it is one among the few precious stones that will not fade in color overtime. This red-colored stone has great hardness and exhibits wonderful durability. It is scratch-resistant too, hence, it makes a wonderful choice for engagement rings. However, these stones can be quite expensive. Rubies that have high-quality can be more expensive than a diamond.


Before diamonds became the primary choice in engagement rings, sapphires had a high rank among the stones chosen for the same purpose. Even though they are typically blue, they can vary in color. Hues of purple, yellow and even orange may be present in some sapphires. These stones also exhibit great hardness thereby resisting scratches and providing long-term durability.


Aquamarines create a great choice for bridal set engagement rings because of their unique green-blue color. In fact, aquamarines that have lighter color shades can be mistaken for diamonds.

However, these stones have less hardness when compared to rubies and sapphires, hence, it can get scratched over time. However, with proper maintenance and care, these beautiful sea-green gems will last for a lifetime.


Green emeralds are a very popular choice for bridal engagement rings as they represent love and new beginnings. Their bright color gives them a special appeal that pairs wonderfully with most women’s styles. These stones are also pretty hard and scratch-resistant too. However, some claim that these stones are susceptible to scratching and chipping due to the presence of inclusions in them.


These stones are special because of the elegant translucent hue they exhibit. It also has the ability to camouflage any scratches that appear on the surface over time. Even though, they are not as hard as many other stones, good care and taking extra precautions will make them more durable. Also, these stones will also give a special appeal for your bridal engagement rings.