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Engagement rings and their styles have undergone tremendous changes over time. Hence, it is necessary to know some of the ring setting styles, which are common and popular in the present day. This can serve as a guide in your search for the ideal engagement ring. An engagement ring is symbolic of the love, and commitment that the couple will have in their life together. At the same time, it is also the display of the personal style of the person. Here are some of the most popular engagement ring settings of the current day from which you can find the one best suiting you.

Diamond Solitaire

There are so many engagement ring styles, which had come and gone. However, the one style that had stood the test of time is the diamond solitaire ring. This remains to be the best style of all and is preferred by almost all the brides.

The setting of the diamond is such that it is highlighted on the ring. You can have an antique look by using a cushion cut diamond on your ring. If you want a diamond with high sparkle and brilliance, a round cut diamond will be ideal for you.

Pave Settings

Pave setting can be preferred if you love to have the continuous sparkling of the diamond. It will look very stunning when the diamonds are closely knit together with gold or platinum beads helping to hold the diamonds in place. The extra sparkle from the gemstones makes it adorable and the metal of the setting will be invisible. However, remember that it will be difficult to resize the ring afterward.

Three Stone Rings

As the name suggests there are three diamond stones giving beauty to this ring. The center stone will have another two stones by its side. Princess cut diamonds are commonly used in this way. You can even use gemstones like ruby or sapphire instead of the diamond side stones.

Halo Setting

In this setting, the center stone is surrounded by numerous pave diamonds. The brilliance and beauty of the diamond will be centered in this setting. Round brilliant and princess cut diamonds are commonly set in this way.

Bezel Setting

This is the safest setting for the diamond. The diamond will be wrapped to the edges with gold or platinum. It remarkably emphasizes the center stone and you can have a partial or full bezel setting.

Have a fair idea of these settings so that it will easy for you to choose your favorite one.