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Diamond Ring Facts

A diamond has to show its intricate cuts, and black diamonds almost always make the perfect items for it. These wonders are a worthy alternative to the stereotypical white diamonds. They are obviously in great demand among betrothal buyers, considering they are capable of making alluring bridal set engagement rings. They can bring a different visual feel to the entirety of engagement accessories which a bride would choose to wear.

How are Black Diamonds Really Black?

A stone of this kind is technically the third form of carbon, which has an enormous amount of graphite in it. That makes it black in color.

What is It in Its First Form?

It is from the Central Africa Republic that the most common black diamond is extracted, after which it is mined from Brazil. It is a herculean task to cut this really hard material without overly disturbing its structure.

How Many Kinds Of Black Diamond Are There?

The natural black diamond, known as Carbonado, could well be the first type. Carbonados are found as small clumps of crystals, rather than as a single one. Being rare, they may be more costly than the other types. The second type is created by treating the usual white diamond with high heat. Those white diamonds with certain natural imperfections known as inclusions, are chosen to make these. The presence of different types of minerals mixed along with carbon is what brands these as “imperfect”.

Time for Some Quality Checking

As with all other precious stones, these too are assessed with carat weight, polish, and cut. Here, for the black diamonds, it is the size that really matters. Get some help from a jeweler to check the polish quality, in order to buy the best stone while avoiding the numerous fake ones available in the market.

How Are Black Diamonds Best Worn?

Being versatile, a black diamond goes very well with any attire you wear, no matter what occasion it is. Diamonds in black are preferred by men and women equally, especially when designed in simple plain patterns.

What Makes Them So Unique?

Really large bridal engagement sets are being customized with black diamonds, which are in rage now. Black is chosen by out-of-the-box engagement shoppers. They can be styled with avant-garde concepts.

How Much Do They Cost?

Basically, they are much cheaper than white diamonds. But still, pricing depends on the size of the stone. It could cost you anywhere from $3000 to $6000 just to buy a single carat.