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In this age where disclosing engagement news through Instagram is common, posting an engagement ring photo on it is virtually obligatory. Not just any engagement photo will do, but you need a ring selfie to post on the social networking website. If you are wondering how to snap the perfect picture for that, worry not Rockher have got you covered. Alongside some workable tips, we will also give you some engagement photo ideas here.

Find the Appropriate Light

Maximizing bling potential depends on the kind of lighting you use. Go for even lighting; think window light sans harsh shadows, overcast skies, or shade. Avoid mixing outdoor and indoor lighting, as this can make a hint of orange or yellow color on your image; rather, choose a single light source for photography. Switching off the lights in your room and photographing adjacent to a window is going to help you.

Select a Suitable Setting

To make the piece of jewelry pop, just keep your backdrop simple and beautiful enough. Choose a backdrop without too many distractive elements, or uniform one. For instance, if your ring has pink gemstone and skin tone is rather pinkish, shoot it against the backdrop of a bunch of pink rose flowers.

The brightest area of an image instantly catches our attention, so photograph against darker backdrops to bring your piece into focus.

Hold It in a Position That Best Conveys Your Intention

Holding your ring straight (as you would look down at it) is a sure-to-succeed photo opportunity. To be more creative, snap unique details of your ring’s design, like its side detailing to name one. For more emotion on your photograph, hide that big smile behind your ring hand. Alternatively, take inspiration from that social media-friendly photo of blurred kissing couples in the background with the extended ring finger of the lady in the foreground.

You must keep your hand in a position that makes the ring viewable for the audience. Do not forget to keep it soft. A relaxed and soft hand photographs better compared to a rigid hand. Another unique option is to snap your ring alone, while giving it some unique context. If your proposal took place at your preferred venue, photograph the jewelry piece by itself on the top of that property.

For instance, if he popped the question and you said yes atop a scenic hill, go to that place and take the once in a lifetime photograph there. It could also be your favorite restaurant or any other place that means the world to you.

Use Appropriate Filters

When it comes to engagement ring pictures, not every Instagram filter is going to have the same kind of impact on your photograph. If your hand will be in this photo, do not use filters that will change the tone of your skin excessively. Is there a lot of contrast between brighter parts and darker parts in your original photo? If yes, using Juno filter will darken the latter parts of your picture and will bring your focus to its brighter things, that is, your ring. In the case it has an excessive amount of contrast, then Valencia filter will make it slightly smooth. Lark is also a good filter you can choose to make your ring pop. You may also want to reduce the chosen filter’s intensity by up to 20% to get a much more natural appearance.

Some More Photography Tips

Zoom As Less As Possible

Avoid using your camera’s zoom feature too much to get the maximum up-close view of your ring. When you take a close-up photograph, zooming in more could just distort and reduce its quality. Take this photograph with your camera zoomed out as much as possible. You can remove the excess later with a photo editing program.

Avoid Using the Flash

We kind of hinted this above. Using your camera flash is not going to be sufficiently suitable if you are aiming for that perfect snap. Usually, it will lead to excessive reflection on your ring diamond and will make your photo appear washed out. Rather, find some amount of bright sunlight to make your sparkler and skin tone look awesome. It is best to choose an interior space with rooflights on a bright day.

Manicure Your Fingernails

Before you photograph, be sure to use attractive finger manicure. Consider neutral shades such as flesh tones and pale pink to make your fingers look longer and keep your diamond in focus. Do you want a picture of your hand with no manicured fingers? Of course, you would not want that. Nail extensions will also give the impression of elongated and sexier fingers. If this is the first-ever time you are having nail extensions, be sure to keep these natural.